What is Eventing?
Dressage Show Jumping Cross Country

Horse sports have a unique feature; the cooperation between two athletes, horse and rider, and the relationship and mutual respect built up between them is the key to a successful partnership. Thus equestrian sport is a way of life requiring immense dedication.

Eventing is the most complete and daring combined equestrian competition. It covers every aspect of horsemanship: the elegance, the obedience of the horse and its harmony with the rider characterise Dressage; speed, endurance, jumping ability and bravery are essential for the Cross Country; agility, technique and coolness under pressure are a necessity for the Show Jumping.

The focus of the whole competition is the Cross Country which consists of a course of imposing solid natural fences to be completed within a time limit.


» Eventing is one of only three equestrian disciplines represented at the Olympic Games.

» A fast-growing sport with a 6-fold increase in International fixtures within a decade.

» One of 5 Olympic sports in which men and women compete as equals.

» Amateurs and professionals compete together.

» It originates from the military with the purpose of training officers and horses for challenges on and off duty.