Sponsors & Supporters

Nick is very proud to be associated with a number of key sponsors, many for a number of years, who support him superby throughout the Eventing season. If your company is interested in sponsoring Nick Gauntlett Eventing then please contact us at nick@gauntlett.me.uk.

Martin Collins
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Martin Collins Enterprises is the UK's top equestrian surface manufacturer and installer, with a growing international operation. Founded 30 years ago, its equestrian origins remain at the heart of the business today. The company provides a full construction service and undertake projects which range from the single horse owner, to large commercial projects.


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Zebra Products are the country's leading Equestrian Distributor supplying saddleries across the UK and Eire. They are the UK distributors for the top class Amerigo saddles and bridlework, all made in a state of the art facility in Italy using top quality Italian leather crafted by highly trained craftsmen using some of the most advanced technology in the world.


Premier Equine
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Premier Equine is an international brand inspired by riders, horses and professionals involved in equestrian sports.
Recognised as one of the leading brands in the world for injury prevention and protection. Innovators constantly at the forefront of development to ensure optimum performance of all their products.


Baileys Horse Feeds
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For over 30 years Baileys Horse Feed has been developed and manufactured by a family team and employees that have significant tie to the equestrian world from competing in events to racing.
The people and staff behind the brand really understand your equine needs and constantly improve the products so you can get the best our of them. Baileys horse feed caters for all equestrian activity whether you need a huge amount of energy of just endurance for long distance.


Treehouse Sporting Colours
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Over the past 18 years Treehouse has grown in to one of the leading equestrian safety wear specialists while also staying true to it’s roots providing a bespoke service for cross-country and racing colours.
We pride ourselves in sourcing innovative new products along with the world’s most trusted brands.


Helite Airbag Technology
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Helite is the worldwide leading manufacturer of airbag vests and riding jackets. Their 11 years of experience and technology has enabled them to design and produce for equine sport a pressure airbag with not only a large volume but also an extremely fast triggering mechanism with a release time of under 0.1 sec.
The airbag vests produced by Helite have been able to prove their value numerous times and are suitable for use in all disciplines of equine sport


Racesafe Body Protectors
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Racesafe aims to bring you a range of market leading products that are synonymous with safety, comfort and style. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders, throughout the equestrian & racing world.


Gatehouse Helmets
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Manufactured by Design Headwear Ltd, Gatehouse helmets have long been the benchmark for Eventing headwear. For over 25 years we have supplied both the professional and amateur rider with helmets that offer the maximum protection whilst delivering style and options for every fitting.


Ariat Equestrian
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Ariat was founded on technology and innovation - with the goal of making the highest-quality footwear and apparel for the world's top equestrian athletes.